About Us and Our History

- The virtual 56th Fighter Group -

56th Fighter Group - Virtual Fighters in the Sky

Our group is composed of many pilots that have come from the same game enviornments. They have been flying for over 10 years in the virtual skies accross games like Airwarrior, Warbirds, IL-2 and Aces High just to name a few


Fighting proudly since June 2001 The virtual 56th Fighter Group has an unbroken history of combat operations since the dawn of WWIIOL: BE. The Group traces its lineage to the original 56th FG that was active in iEN's WarBirds™ through 1998 to 2001, when its members carried the Wolfpack name to the new vista. Then as now, the Group conducts ops with a single-minded focus: to dominate a chaotic game environment by introducing structure that the casual hivemind is inadequately prepared to cope with.


We pride ourselves on discipline, command structure, training, organized and realistic flight. We try our best to mirror the image of the Real 56th Fighter group as we do value our Virtual lives.