Hammered - GROUP CO                                                                 Salvo - GROUP XO

The 56th Fighter Group is organised, similar to its historical namesake, in three Fighter Squadrons: 61st, 62nd and 63rd FS. The Squadrons have their own character and command group in order to delegate the burden and joys of command, and to provide leadership and training in all timezones. Regardless which Squadron you are assigned to, we share a common Group identity and a passion for flying and fighting.


56th FG is a part of the Allied fighting forces in WWIIOL:BE and many of our members are active in the Allied High Command. Our aircraft of choice are the French-American rides – though we are known to borrow British kit from time to time. We fly in a strictly "military" style that relies heavily on real-life element and flight procedures, voice communications and disciplined aggression. To fly with the Wolfpack is to fly like your life matters.


Do not hesitate to join the 56th FG in the shooting war over Europe. You don't have to be a hot stick to sign up - we will make you one! Teamwork, situational awareness and superior airmanship are all things which can be learned, and we will put you through a comprehensive training program to improve your personal and teamwork skills. Sign up today!


Cave Tonitrum!
Bmbm, CO 56th FG